I can see how the wealthy applaud the tax cuts because their share of the total wealth of this country of ours has increased exponentially while the majority of us has seen our share of wealth fall precipitously even though our productivity has increased, it has really benefited the wealthy and not us. I would argue then that we are the true producers and it is the wealthy who are the parasites, gaming the system with tax cuts, hijacking good jobs and shipping them overseas, automating everything and co-opting politicians into passing legislation codifying these anti worker tactics into law. The GOP as a whole are making sure that we, the majority, don’t get to see our tax dollars at work in ways that would benefit society as a whole such as in infrastructure, no, rather we see our tax dollars hard at work in the military, keeping our young troops in harm’s way in hostile regions for years now. The Ryan budget is the blueprint of this “job creator” mindset and they aren’t even being subtle about it anymore. Their code isn’t the code of the many, it’s the code for the few.
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