And so mud season commences


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When I had left for New York Tuesday morning, the front had still been completely covered in snow and in the course of three days, almost all of it has melted. Now the ground is very, very squishy where I walk with the dogs and in some parts, a great deal of it is water logged, beyond the descriptive squishy, the dogs don’t even walk on it, not wanting to get their paws completely submerged in cold dirty water. They are both of a somewhat dainty nature which is adorable, the way they pick their paws high up in the air when they encounter something wet, cold, or slimy, it is too precious.

I can’t remember the last time that we had so much snow melt, so I don’t really know how long our mud season will last this time. I don’t foresee us getting very warm anytime soon, so the mud that we have probably won’t dry up quickly. On the upside, I think that all of this deeply sourced moisture will be a tremendous boon to my garden and I can’t wait for green shoots to poke their little heads up, no matter what they are, I am waiting impatiently for my little  surprises.

My mother has her daffodils and tulips poking their heads up, it will only be a matter of a few weeks or so before they bloom. I am looking forward to my return trip to her house because New York in spring is truly magnificent.

I took a picture of my bougainvillea bloom because that bloom has been holding strong since the last time that I had posted its picture. I have no idea how it is still alive and fresh, it should have faded and fallen off the branch weeks ago, but it is stubbornly clinging to life and vitality, I am in awe at its staying power.

Home sweet home


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I got home from New York to be greeted by these two love bugs. The kids were out; one at school and the other at work, so my greeting was huge. Hooray someone is here to feed us!

I cleaned up after them while they were wolfing down their vittles and then, after releasing the hounds outside to do their business, the three of us are settled on the couch, watching General Hospital and also writing this post. It feels good to relax with these two.

Daily prompt: Third from the top



Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

I have had a few epiphanies over the years; the biggest one is that life is all about perception. I have extended my epiphany to apply not only to belief systems, but to our legal systems, our government systems and economic systems as well. I firmly believe that everything takes on a new shade when seen this way. An excellent example is the ongoing debate on The Affordable Care Act, where the conservative right proclaims that this is another example of government tyranny where everyone must opt-in. On the other hand, there is no law prohibiting opt-out. The conservative right works very tirelessly to distract the public from paying attention to the issue that there are several ways to either be in compliance with the law or pay the penalty.  The real issue here is whether you believe that health care is a privilege or a right; depending on where you stand on the question is what  will color your perception of the debate. My perception is that health care is a right, along with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This was my tired attempt with this prompt. I am feeling less than inspired today, perhaps because I am feeling so, so tired. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Wild Turkeys running amok


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Driving down to New Jersey this morning, I had just passed the New Boston Inn right on Route 8 South and lo and behold, a very large wild turky decided to cross the road, for a few seconds I felt as if I were playing a game of chicken with the wild turkey as to who had the right of way, but in the end the wild turkey won and I slowed down  really quickly to allow her to cross the road safely. She was alone, she must have been an older bird because she was very large in size. I am more used to seeing two or three smaller females leading their flocks of baby turkeys across small town roads being so cute in single file. To this day I have yet to see a Tom turkey, though  I am always on the look out. Funny enough when my husband said “that was a close one” I replied “yes we could have had a turkey dinner tonight”. He didn’t find that funny, I guess that joke only works on our kids, they appreciate the French dark humor of being at the top of the food chain.

I think that it was about ten years at that very spot that I had seen my first black bear. I got so excited that I slowed down to a crawl and called out to the kds to look on their left, our daughter had the chance to get a look, but our son had missed the bear, he had turned towards the woods and retreated away from the road before our son could get a good look. Another time, I got excited over a blue crane running alongside the car and taking off in flight, the kids saw that one.  There once had been a gorgeous fox crossing the road, but the kids missed him, his tail was a thing of beauty, I remember it well.

I do love living somewhere where you never know what kind of wildlife you might run into, iit is very humbling in my eyes, it reminds me that this place is not just for me, it has to be shared fairly and sustainably with all living things.

Daily prompt: Fly on the wall


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If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?

As I was driving us back home, my mind was wandering and I don’t know why, but I wondered who was the first Jones in the world. My maiden name is Jones, my grandfather was William Henry Jones from Liverpool who emigrated to France in the early 1900’s, found my grandmother married her and then my father was born in Talence, France.

I don’t know why that thought popped into my head, but considering how many Joneses there are in the world, I am very curious to find out where the name started, I googled the question and it said that it was of Wales origin. There is the site:

According to this site, Wales is the place of origin and Jones, one of the most prolific names in the world, descends from three main sources in the early Middle Ages; they eventually merged in Denbighsire, but no one is sure who was the dominant source, Lord Cardigan, Bleddyn Ap Cynfyn, King of Powys or Dyfryn Clwyd a chieftain of Denbighland. I got a kick that there were three big wigs who started with the name Jones. 

This is definitely the period in time that I would be that fly on the wall; I am imagining this time period to be like the time of Merlin and Arthur. I adored the book “The Mists of Avalon” and being that fly on the wall, safe and sound hidden and yet in plain sight, would be an endless fascinating history lesson personalized all for me; talk about a treat.

I still find it amazing that the name Jones went forth and multiplied at the rate that it did, I find it it to be so very cool.

Green shoots


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As you can see today is a bit colder than yesterday with a biting wind blowing boisterously, especially near the river. However my daughter and I found green shoots of daffodils! I know that I won’t be seeing any green shoots for quite a few weeks, but it was so exciting to see them here. I haven’t any luck with daffodils because my tribe of chipmunks have seen to it by digging them up and enjoying them as tasty treats. So I appreciate them that much more when I see them elswhere.

Lulu’s first trip to New York


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We all came down to New York for the weekend to celebrate our daughter’s birthday and since it was the four of us, that meant that Jack and Lulu were included. Lulu followed Jack’s lead, thank goodness he has gotten over his abject fear of everything New York, because now when he walks down the street, he walks as if he owns the place, not like the scared little puppy of yesteryear. Lulu wanted to stop and say hi to every one she saw, they weren’t too thrilled to be jumped on and licked by a strange pit bull, but she didn’t get offended in the least by their aloofness. Jack showed Lulu how to chase the squrrels and the New York pigeons.

Jack was so excited to show off this brand new turf to his bff, it was adorable the way they sniffed the same things, walked nose and nose to the ground, I heard a few people say “how cute”.

So the picture above is Astoria Park with the Triboro Bridge right behind us, straddling the East River, the snow that you see is fresh from last night. My son took the picture with his handy cellphone. I’m always surprised by the quality cellphone pictures often display.


Happy Spring Equinox!


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Today is the first day of Spring, hooray! Later on today, we will be getting more snow, boo!

This is what I got from Wikipedia when I googled the term equinox; my recolllection of the word was that today would be of equal length both day and night, but I thought that there may be more to it then that, so that’s why I looked it up and here is what Wikipedia had to offer:

An equinox occurs when the plane of Earth’s Equator passes the center of the Sun. At that instant, the tilt of Earth’s axisneither inclines away from nor towards the Sun. The two annual equinoxes are the only times when the subsolar point—the place on Earth’s surface where the center of the Sun is exactly overhead—is on the Equator, and, consequently, the Sun is at zenith over the Equator. The subsolar point crosses the equator, moving northward at the March equinox and southward at the September equinox.

Mankind has been celebrating the promise of nature’s renewal for thousands of years and after the brutal winter that we have had, I could see why some of those early celebrations were intense. My favorite mythology , the Greeks, couldn’t wait for Persephone’s forced winter exile in Hades to end and for her to rejoin her mother Demeter, so that Demeter’s joyous radiance would warm the Earth and reawaken Mother Earth from her long slumber.



It may be weeks before I see any greenery, but just knowing that with each passing day our side of the earth will be tilting ever so closer to the sun makes me very, very happy. I’ll be feeling like a sunflower in no time, following the rays of the sun and basking in their warmth.

Daily prompt: 32 flavors


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Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

I have had a few different favorite flavors over the course of my lifetime. My first favorite ice cream flavor was called Heavenly Hash made by Light and Lovely; it was chocolate ice cream mixed with marshamellow, chocolate chips and chopped up almonds, my mother would pick out all of the nuts and leave me the ice cream to eat, that was heavenly; the day that Light and Lovely went out of business was a very sad, sad day for my mother and I.

The next ice cream flavor that I found to become my new favorite was chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, the one made by Edy’s. I did have a brief flirtation with Oreo ice cream, but I found it a little to chemical tasting for me. I know deep down that raw chocolate chip cookie dough is bad for me no matter how I slice it, but in ice cream form, it conveniently becomes okay.

However in France, I go immediately for the fruit when it comes to ice cream or gelato; I love white peach, mango, canteloupe and of course the chocolate and the sea salt caramel ice creams. They are each delicious and it is so very hard to pick a favorite.

Ice cream is one of the best things to have ever been invented; bless the person who invented this amazing concoction.


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