The unemployment crisis was borne out of the circumstance of a perfect storm. A housing bubble that was there for the “experts” to misdiagnose, gross misconduct committed by mortgage lenders gone greedy by severe financial deregulation blessed by politicians asleep at the wheel, decades of wage stagnation hidden by easy credit aka, homes used as atm’s and when everything exploded all of these circumstance were laid bare. President Obama has been trying to redirect the economy towards growth and the GOP has been thwarting him at every turn doubling down with a tax cut philosophy that has shown nothing but benefits for the wealthy class, no economic growth whatsoever for the rest of us. Looking over at Europe it is clear as day that austerity has nothing to offer except pain and misery, we have had enough of that here, we need to continue growing our way out of deficits, not pile more on as the GOP would like to do.
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