Money has always been instrumental in politics but before it seemed that there was discretion and restraint in its use. Since Citizens United has ruled that money is speech, it seems that big money has lost its timidity and is now shouting from the rooftops. “My superpac is huge and its going to bring you down!” In the case of the GOP establishment and even the democrat old guard, it is not even trying to be coy about it, the superpacs who are fueled by corporate donors and private millionaires/billionaires, own the political candidates. Pat, I’d like to buy a politician for 250, 250k that is. Politics has always been a game but before the little people had the illusion that they were allowed to play, now the big boys are saying we let you think that you were playing, now go home and get back to work. You haven’t been productive enough this week, go work some more hours for minimum wage and be happy about it.
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