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Now that my little one’s aren’t so little, they are actually big, I have all this affection that wants to be expressed with cuddly little one’s and the only one’s that are available to lavish my goofy attention on, are the dogs little Jack and humongous Rex. I see why some authors incorporate their dogs into their novels. One of my favorite John Steinbeck novels is “Travels With Charlie”. Steinbeck and his dog Charlie went on a cross-country road trip in his Winnebago and the book was cover to cover fabulous stories each one starring Charlie.

While I was walking Rex and Jack, I was thinking about what I was going to write for my daily post and I immediately flashed to what Rex did earlier. I was laying on the couch not feeling well and trying to sleep. Jack as usual, Maman’s boy that he is, is sleeping on my chest, not caring if Maman is comfortable or not. I am drifting off and it is nice when your brain starts shutting off and going all fuzzy, when I feel a huge nose attached to a huge head, sniffing me from neck to knees like some wacky vacuum. When my eyes didn’t open, I feel the huge head, head but my belly, Rex was basically saying “Maman, Wake up I’m talking to you!”. I don’t open my eyes and Rex vacuum sniffs me once more, followed by another head but. That is why I can see why writers like to write about their dogs from time to time. They do give you great material, at least, you seem to think so, your dog stories become the equivalent of your baby’s stories, they are really funny and interesting to you and sometimes your audience is only being very polite. Well there is my dog story, cracked me up at the time, being vacuum sniffed. I hope it translated well to the written page.