The RNC doesn’t disappoint when it comes to revealing its disconnect with reality. They are seriously trying to accuse President Obama of launching a negative campaign when the entire GOP party has for the past 4 years, done nothing but sling mud at our President and the first lady with their racist comments and name calling. Our President has never stooped to their level, I have been such an admirer of his cool and grace under such hurtful attacks. President Obama, by pointing out the obvious differences in priorities between the GOP vision, where it’s all for the wealthy and nothing for the rest of us, and the Democratic vision, where it’s a vision of inclusion and we are all in this together, simply states facts and outlines it with intelligent statements and arguments as to why we should embrace his vision for our country’s economic and political priorities and not the GOP’s vision of more trickle down economics that has trickled away the nation’s wealth to the pockets of the wealthy and that is about it.
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