We already had two versions of that fable. The robber baron era; the first time the rich were plundering our nation, we had a brave republican Teddy Roosevelt who became our first progressive President and this country saw the birth of the unions and social justice for the common man. The second rendition of that fable was when the financiers came along and the stock market crash of 1929, we had another brave Roosevelt who passed the New Deal and not only instituted social insurance programs but also regulatory frameworks to insure that rampant greed wouldn’t strike the market again bringing down the whole economy. This is our third go around with the fable. However now we have both the robber barons and the financiers who are both determined to keep their power and ill gotten gains. This time we are at the fork of the road, we either elect the true representative for the robber barons and the financiers and let the wolf in the hen house completely or we re-elect President Obama and stay with him as he continues to redress our nation’s trajectory back to a strong middle class fortified with more avenues of opportunity and freedom.
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