I try to make a point of walking Rex and Jack three times a day, definitely twice but I strive for three. It’s great exercise for the dogs and for me as well. I have slacked off on my daily 4 mile walk because sometime during the fall last year, I felt beyond fatigued and I still feel off, but the daily walks with the dogs does me a lot of good. Today when it was time for walk number 2, Rex looked at me and stayed under the table. Jack was all goofy, wagging his little tail a mile a minute and Rex still just lying under the table. I jingled the leashes and that usually gets Rex up and about and Jack starts sort of hopping in place, it’s not quite jumping, it’s weird. This time Rex was serious, “Maman I’m not moving”. Fine, Jack “it’s just you and me” and off we went. The walking dynamic was quite different without Rex, Jack and I actually walked. I should say, I walked really fast while Jack was trotting to keep up. I might be fatigued but I still walk really quickly and Jack was not used to it, he looked sort of concerned because he couldn’t quite get his walking pace established. It was very amusing and then I decided to really put Jack through his paces and I broke out into a run. I never run, I run badly and I also have weak knees and ankles, either one of those joints could go at any moment. It’s weird, I can walk for miles very quickly but I cannot run more than a block without something going very badly.

Now before I write about what went very badly, I must talk about my dislike of tight jeans. I used to wear tight jeans back when I was 14 years old, the days of the designer jeans, until one day when I was wearing my Calvin’s and I bent down and I heard and felt the rip. That day was the last day that I wore tight jeans. My hubby affectionately calls me droopy drawers and my baby girl constantly tells me that I look horrible in my jeans and that they need to be skinny jeans. I don’t pay them any attention, my comfort comes first and I usually wear a belt. When I’m home and lounging around the house, I wear normal worn out jeans, no belt, since it’s only myself and the dogs.

So here I am walking with Jack without a thought in the world, except for the excitement that since Rex, the elder, isn’t with us, I can get Jack to move really fast. Goodness knows he needs the exercise, everyone calls him chubby, (he is not chubby, he’s still a baby and he has short legs). I started running, not planning to run that far, because my important joints might fail me during my running. Jack is running next to me with a strange look on his face, like “why are we doing this Maman, I like the walking, this is hard”. So while I am being amused by his look, I’m noticing a breeze coming in at my very low back and on my lower belly, great Gods my pants are falling and they are falling really low! I pull my pants up in mid run, yanking Jack’s leash and he starts jumping on me saying “okay Maman, stop, we are done running” My knees and ankles held up but not my pants. I guess it was the pumping of the legs and the up and down gravity thing that I hadn’t taken into account when I had started out.
The running felt good, I used my Yoga breathing to get my heart rate back to a human rate and I was Yoga breathing during the whole walking, cool down loop. We have a nice steep hill in our park, Watson Park, with a renovated gazebos near the pinnacle of the hill, so I took Jack up the hill and he was still looking at me “Maman what are you doing? We just ran why are we climbing?” When we got to the top and went down the other side, we took our usual path back home and when we got in Jack was really, really happy to see Rex. He licked his eyes clean and then started cleaning his teeth, laid down between Rex’s front paws. Jack was acting as if he hadn’t seen Rex in like forever. It was cute. After that Jack collapsed on the couch and I didn’t see him until 2:00 in the afternoon when it was time for another walk, walk number 3 for Jack and number 2 for Rex. I was happy to see that Rex was up for his walk and I think that Jack was as well because Jack hung back and walked in step with Rex which was comical. I still hadn’t put on a belt, I wasn’t going to run so I didn’t bother. As long as I don’t jump or run, my pants stay on.