The GOP lawmakers shoot themselves in the foot every time they open their mouths to criticize President Obama and his vision. When Romney says that our President wants government to control every aspect of our life he is outright, to your face lying to you. The ACA law is for the most part the private health insurance industries dream, our President hasn’t push for more public sector jobs, on the contrary the federal government workforce has decreased ever since President Obama came to office. When Romney was Governor of MA, he sent his staff to D.C regularly to get federal monies for MA fully understanding how crucial federal monies are to the health of each individual state. As governor Romney also did what he could as head of his government to get private sector in the state. He is deliberately lying about what our President’s record because Romney knows that he has really nothing of value to bring to the table. Romney knows venture capitalism and that’s about it, his record on job creation was pretty dismal in MA, what makes him think that he can do differently as President. His campaign depends on lies and misdirection.
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