Chris, your graph and article should be required viewing in any political science class debating the 2012 GOP nomination race/crawl.The only saving grace that the long process served us is that it underscored for months now, all the negative aspects that a Romney presidency would have in store for this country. This all happened thanks to the other candidates doing the progressives work for them, Gingrich calling out Bain Inc making profits at the expense of Main Street, Perry calling Bain Inc Vulture Capitalists, his own campaign manager calling him Etch a Sketch and calling out for military action against Iran as if the American public needs another war. I see Romney and I see any progress that President Obama made for the environment, financial regulation and student debt to name a few, all be pushed back. I wish that the President’s jobs bill had been passed and that the progressive caucus budget had been passed perhaps we would be seeing now the results of what a partnership between government and the private sector would be truly like. President Obama speaks about a vision of America that is inclusive and where government isn’t the enemy. The GOP has this warped view of government being evil even as they benefit exceedingly well from all the perks of public office such as health care coverage, pensions, paid vacations, paid sick days and access to highly lucrative lobbyist/consultant jobs after they leave office.Great job if you can get it.
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