I have been reading over the past two years, and it is coming up more and more frequently in health and fitness magazines and articles, that sitting is just as unhealthy for you as eating fatty foods. At first I thought that this was a little too radical and that in a few months time the perils of sitting would be debunked. It hasn’t been debunked, one “expert” said that no matter how much you exercise, you can’t undo the negative impact that your sitting has done to you. I came across other “experts” who were tasked with designing office equipment to replace traditional work stations; the chair would be replaced by versions of treadmills with a computer station attached. These new work stations are designed, not only for the health of the employee, but also increased productivity. Imagine your traditional administrative assistant working at their “unconventional workstation”, how exhausted would they be, I wonder?

I don’t remember exactly the biology behind the perils of sitting, but trust me there was biology and physiology involved. I have always been a fidgeter and at home I had someone comment that I sat down to stand back up. I thought that it was quite funny at the time. Those were the days when Maman was in high demand at all times. I mention fidgeting because that is one activity to keep in mind when you haven’t any choice but to sit. Fidgeting according to the “experts” keeps your metabolism up and burns calories.

Am I glad that I stumbled onto these findings? The jury is out, whenever I find myself sitting for any period of time, I often realize with a start that I just engaged in a behavior that I can’t undo. I then make sure to stand for a while as I watch t.v and I make sure that I go up and down the stairs in my house more often than usual. The little Jack gets frustrated when I stand because he prefers it when I sit because then he can sit on me. He thinks that I am his furniture, I never mind until I remember that sitting is unhealthy.

So better to stand and if you have to sit make sure to fidget, it’s good for you.