Since MA is the only state that has the individual mandate in place and being a resident myself, I can say that I hope that Obamacare remains the law of the land because I know that President Obama’s version is even better than Romneycare. First, being able to keep young adults on your plan until 26 is phenomenal, second, eliminating the preexisting condition specter is huge and third eliminating the caps on payouts is another benefit that all Americans would hate to see vanish. Here in MA, we didn’t have those benefits, we simply had to purchase coverage if we didn’t already have it. The recently terminated have access to COBRA and the uninsured/unemployed providing they don’t have any access to private insurance have the State’s coverage which honestly is far better than any private plan.The premiums aren’t more than $100 and the co-pay for prescriptions are between $1 and $3.98 and no copay for doctor’s plus dental and vision. What I also like about President Obama’s plan is the set-up of insurance exchanges to create more competition (hint: free market values) and the requirement that private health insurance companies spend at least 85% of premiums on actual medical costs and not administrative cost. The Obamacare legislation is a start and further on down the line it will probably be tweaked to make more sense and be better for us, who knows it might just morph into a Medicare for all sometime in the future.
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