While the hubby and I were having our now weekly Sunday overnight getaway; the baby girl wasn’t just watching the dogs, walking them and feeding them and keeping the house all together, she also decided to display her culinary creativity. I knew something was up in the kitchen, when after the baby girl called me to tell me that she had gotten home from school and proceeded to tell me about her day and about the dogs, she called me back, not ten minutes later, asking where the vegetable oil was to be found. My baby girl can cook, but her style of cooking ranges from pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese to eggs sunny-side up with buttered toast, she normally uses olive oil, which is always on the counter. The elusive vegetable oil, thus was for something else such as brownie mix or cake mix.

When the hubby and I arrived home, the baby girl was sitting at the kitchen counter and she proudly told me all about her baking creations. She came up with the idea of making a cupcake with Oreo cookies, brownie mix and peanut butter. The added twist was that she had made a few variations on the original concept. I got to be a taste taster, Oreo’s aren’t my favorite, but the cupcake featuring just one Oreo cookie and brownie mix was pretty good. The others that had two Oreo cookies sandwiched with peanut butter and covered with brownie mix was way too sweet and rich. I told her that the concept was great, especially the original with the one Oreo, she believed me because I wolfed down two of those. The other was just way over the top and she agreed.

I get excited that she feels confident about trying new things with her baking to personalize her creations and put her own individual stamp on what she makes. As long as she is enjoying herself, I’m a willing taster.