Congressman Ryan is an Ayn Rand acolyte so we can’t really be surprised that his budget reflects the social Darwinian view that he believes with devout fervor. Rand believed that charity, assistance and people who need those are parasites. The ones that she sees as worthy are the producers who have to have an all access pass to continue to be successful despite being part of a community. I think that Ayn Rand and her acolytes fail to see the gaping flaw in their logic, no one is an island onto themselves. Producers cannot and will never be able to be successful all by themselves. It is an impossible achievement. Why we buy into this idea that the Wall Street financiers deserve all their riches simply because they are 300% smarter than we are and 300% harder working than we are, is beyond me. Wall Street riches are an illusion, there have been so many incestuous dealings between the lawmakers and the power brokers on the Street (repeal of Glass-Steagal anyone?), the repeal of such financial regulations made it infinitely easier for Wall Street and big banks to reap the consequential windfalls. Elizabeth Warren said it best when she said that no one ever makes it on their own, Ryan is unwittingly saying the same thing but in a brutal way, the rich stay rich on the backs of others, his budget is his testimony to how he sees how society should function.
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