I believe that Mitt Romney has lived in a glass bubble throughout his life, he was born into a life of privilege, the two years that he spent as a missionary in France didn’t exactly expand his world view in terms of how the cycle of poverty is quite difficult to break.My family is from France and I am very familiar with Bordeaux and Paris, the two cities where Romney spent his time doing his missionary work and what I define as missionary work, helping the poor, those two cities aren’t the places that need it. Romney was doing recruiting work for his church. When he returned stateside, he continued his life of privilege, he didn’t have to deal with student loans,( back then college and graduate school didn’t require you to offer your first born as collateral like it does now) his parents bought them their first house. I for one, know that Romney doesn’t have a clue as to how to redress the economic direction our country has headed towards, a banana republic, and I think that he really doesn’t mind it going that way, it is his class that dominates and benefits from the type of policies that he proposes.
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