What Romney doesn’t understand and this is why he should not be president is that his grandfather benefited most probably under the policies of the New Deal after the Great Depression. Back then it was much easier to pull yourself back up from hard times, the unions were stronger, there were many programs that were there to help the masses because the economic tsunami was fresh in everyone’s mind. Until the 1970’s, when with the passage of time and fading memories as to why the financial regulations that were created due to the great depression, were getting weakened at the behest of banks and Wall Street, the politicians were lulled into thinking that the corporations knew best because they operated in the “market realm” where everything makes sense and all good is created there. Bunch of hooey. Four decades later we are back to the aftermath of an economic meltdown where if Romney’s grandfather had to start over again, this time he would stay poor and unemployed thanks to his grandson’s political and economic philosophy.
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