Growing up with Reagan, I was 13 when he was elected, the prevailing “wisdom” was that the GOP was the party of the businessmen and the democrats were the party of civil rights and welfare. I remember feeling a pull towards the democrats because they were in my young mind doing good for those less fortunate but I remember having respect for the GOP because they were smart in things pertaining to the economy. Reagan changed all that for me, I lost respect at that time for the GOP, because even then at 13, I sensed a shift in the wind of the ideology of the GOP and I knew that it was wrong for the country. I had arguments about it and in hindsight I was right on target. I had no idea how prescient I was though and that the transformation of the GOP would never be checked and 40 years later it has become unrecognizable from before the days of Reagan. The GOP have painted themselves into a corner of lunacy. I don’t see how they can right their trajectory, they have repeated their own history of the 1840’s.It will be interesting what new party will come of the old caterpillar.
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