When I saw the word skyboxification, I immediately thought of the movie Hunger Games and the sharp contrast between the ultra rich and the rest of the districts. We are a nation of gated communities penthouse living, private school campuses of the wealthy minority living separately from the rest of us. This didn’t come about from market mechanisms in a vacuum. This happened over the past 4 decades through government tax policy, financial deregulation and corporate decision making that tied C.E.O pay to stock performance and not to their own job performance. The adulation of Wall Street in terms of measuring our economy’s success which generated increased concentration of its economic and political power meant that our best and brightest were seduced by Wall Street riches and the rest of our industries were neglected. Our nation intellectual and creative minds were hijacked, and we need to turn the tide or we will continue down this path of ultra wealthy living parallel, yet separately from the rest of us. That isn’t a nation, it’s occupying similar a geographical location that’s it. The public weal needs to be nurtured once again, it has suffered greatly under the GOP philosophy.We need to remember how good governance works, such as the Sherman Anti-trust act, the passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Act, the National Highway System, Social Security and Medicare, these acts of government were for the public weal and they are proof of good governance.
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