Chris you are not alone, someone from the Time’s Swampland wrote an article about the whole “choice versus referendum” debate the pundits were going to have from now until November. The decision to not make this a drinking game was a very responsible one, Chris, and I applaud you for it. What was interesting with the other guy was that he attached the notion of the election as a referendum to the congressional elections. I was wondering what you thought about it. The pundits speak about the base and about those illusive independents and now the most important segment of all, the women folk in regards to the President and Romney. If we singled out the women folk, would the choice between the President and Romney be a referendum on their respective positions on matters that concern women; i.e reproductive rights, childcare, education, SNAP and other women things? I know what I think and that is that a Romney presidency will not move our country into the 21st century as a country of opportunity and freedom. Our country will be further divided into the ultra wealthy and the rest of us with our infrastructure withering on the vine, our root systems corrupted by drilling and fracking and our foundation left to rot as our public educational system takes hit after hit. It won’t be pretty. Maybe a little over the top but that is the mood Romney puts me in.
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