In Romney’s case, he should be talking about conspiracies tongue in cheek because he is his own conspiracy. The whole “working mother” issue and who is one and who gets to choose to be one was settled by Romney himself when he said that poor mothers, if they were going to get any assistance, had to get the dignity of work outside the home regardless of how young their children were. Basically he is saying that virtue is tied to wealth so his wife being married to him a wealthy man is virtuous and doesn’t need additional dignity through work outside the home. Poor people being without virtue and dignity need to get both through work outside the home. Interesting belief system from a man of faith. He is punishing those who are poor and essentially saying that they are poor and it’s all their own fault. His policies that he has laid out and supported, such as the Ryan budget, clearly targets those who are poor and makes sure that they stay that way for good. His policies and the Ryan budget are strictly for the wealthy and the military, everyone else you are on your own.
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