The Occupy organization has goals and strategies. They have an economic team that actually came up with a game plan as to what to do to break up the big banks, create better, stronger financial regulations and a transparent process for Wall Street. Their separate mini branches of the occupy brand such as occupy foreclosed homes, occupy Bank of America and last occupy the ports in CA keep the movement real and alive in America’s conscious. However I am sure that the occupy movement doesn’t want to go the way the tea party movement did, get elected officials to D.C and become a cog in the machinery that by the way only gummed up the works and became an embarrassment to themselves. The occupy movement is still a nascent one and with spring coming, I am excited to see where this is going to go, but from what I have read from newsletters, the occupiers haven’t given up, they are coordinated amongst themselves and we should be expecting a lot more from them, this upcoming general election season.
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