The picture says a thousand words, the predatory smiles on the people surrounding President Obama, silently counting up their dollars and cents with the passage into law of this bill. The President’s furrowed brow, knowing that labor and many democrats are silently fuming at his signing, inwardly frustrated because he is trying to reach out to the business community and the GOP and knowing that while he is signing, he is taking a huge risk at unleashing tons of fraud that the Saone-Oxley Act protected investors from, and now he is signing its repeal.I have seen his other expressions at various bill signings, The confident, happy expressions at the Lilly-Ledbetter signing, the Affordable Patient Act signing, those were expressions of knowing that better laws were being put on the books. This expression I see here, is one that belies trepidation and worry that the private sector,Wall Street and the GOP will come to make him regret the faith he is putting in their corner.
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