There was an interesting article in Alternet that addressed how Christians in the UK, for the most part, are opposed to social Darwinism and believe in the economic left policies. Over in the UK they read their bibles and subscribe to the same philosophies and teachings of the bible as Christians here and they come away with the sense that society as a whole has the responsibility to those less fortunate, yet in our country, listening to the GOP platform and their political and economic agenda you would think that the GOP Christians are the secular ones. If one were dropped into the House during their sessions you would think that they were guilty of worshiping false idols of gold and coin with absolute disregard for those less fortunate and no sense of a societal responsibility to them.Once you get so far down, especially in this country unless you have a strong support system it is almost impossible to claw your way back up. The GOP is intent on eviscerating those support programs in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy.
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