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Even when I am surrounded by family and friends I do get a tad sad with the closing of yet another year. I look back and realize that time relentlessly marches forward and doesn’t stop to wait for anyone. I sometimes look at the upcoming new year with a little trepidation. I am not too sure how fast this one will go, if it will bring good things or disappointment, a lot of uncertainty for the New Year’s eve. This year I am alone or relatively alone, my daughter is with her friends and my hubby and son are down in the south. I do have my two dogs with me to guard me and keep me company. Jack isn’t much protection but his ultra high bark can pierce your eardrums, Rex, on the other hand, my majestic German Shepard, he is a guard dog. He has been patrolling the back yard very intently the past few days barking a lot, which isn’t something he does often. It is as if he wants to remind everyone that he is on duty. Entering my house you won’t forget that he is on duty because he is 125 lbs and you have to walk around him, not like Jack who you can walk over him without a problem. So as the evening is drawing to a close and it is becoming night-time, I am getting a little sad, I know that I’ll be asleep in a bit, but I still feel alone saying good-bye to 2011. Hopefully 2012 will be a good, productive and healthy year for myself, my family here and abroad, and everyone else I hold dear.