The big bankers around the world are starting to get a cold hard jolt of reality because they have gone too far in their quest for more risk, more profits and more power, all at the expense of the rest of us globally. It is not just here, it is everywhere­. I read the most interestin­g article about the Israelis social protest, since the weather started turning where outside protests became too onerous, they are starting to plan for a populist strike, striking against the corporate state, it is something to think about. The big bankers and corporate titans need an interventi­on and this, the OWS, is it because I’m convinced that their greed and the greed and power lust in Washington has warped their thinking like any addict’s mental and emotional thinking is after the brain’s chemistry is altered by the addiction. There has also been a study and apparently there is a percentage of psychopath­ic personalit­ies in high finance, somehow that is not surprising given the behavior on the “Street”.
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