I agree with the professor and Chris Hedges, another author, recently wrote about the same thing. I think that the democratic party has been co-opted by all the big money in politics. Just look at when Glass-Stea­gall was repealed, it was during President Clinton’s watch and why because Robert Rubin, his treasury secretary, supported it and where did Rubin go back to, Citigroup. Citibank/G­roup has been a recipient of taxpayer bailouts for 3 decades now and still they are allowed to exist, there is no free market principle there. Until there is a clear severing of the financial umbilical cord between high finance, big oil and corporate titans and Washington D.C, there will not be any progress made for the 99% of us. I am pretty sure that those at OWS are aware and are conducting their General Assemblies and holding their action committees very mindfully. This is an organic movement, I’ve seen it called a renaissanc­e, in the true meaning of the word, rebirth of a people’s rights, freedoms, opportunit­ies, awareness. I completely support it, however it develops and the profession­al left had best treat OWS with the respect it deserves.
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