Mr. Krugman is right on the money. The GOP and the tea party backed politician­s are so quick to denounce and marginaliz­e the OWS and Ms. Elizabeth Warren because they are scared that this is not going to be a flash in the pan but the OCW will continue to grow and do to free market capitalism what all the civil rights marches did to our social contract, force the government to stand up and recognize that our society, as it is currently operating, is failing us as a country and regulation­s need to be re-introdu­ced both on the financial sector and the environmen­t. That the artificial importance of finance in our economy is ill advised, it doesn’t promote growth for our country as a whole, it just engenders risk for us all and growth only at the upper tier where it stays. When are the GOP going to own the fact that we don’t have a free market system, TARP is proof that we have a socialist capitalism­, the banks weren’t allowed to fail as they should have if we adhered to free market ideology. So please Herman Cain stop with your free market speech, it is all an illusion.
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