This sad fact of declining wages isn’t surprising since employers know that every worker is terrified of losing their job that they will boost productivi­ty, do anything to keep their job. This is an employer’s world, we are lucky to get the paycheck. Without the unions bargaining strength of a solid group, individual­s haven’t any power or leverage. Potential job seekers are a dime a dozen. A huge question for the future is how are we going to re-educate the corporate mentality? The whole problem lies with the idea that supposedly American workers cost too much to employ and that is why out-sourci­ng has become necessary, without workers accepting a dollar a day, all our stuff would be too expensive and companies would fail. On the other hand, companies will still fail if you don’t have a consumer class which is what is happening right now. When are the people in power going to understand that? Instead of wasting time and trying to break the last of the unions, the public workers union, they should be addressing the huge conundrum that lies before us. How do we get our workers, our families back to work with living wages so that we can feed this economic machine of ours?
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