I would not want these two politician­s to be defending my movement. Allen West has some serious anger issues, proven by his reprehensi­ble words against Debbie Wasserman-­Shultz and what can I say about Steve King, anti-Musli­m all the way, anti-women­, anti-gay anti everything­. If they are criticizin­g the occupyWall­Street movement, that means that we are doing the right thing and making the right demands. These two yahoo’s are antithetic­al to how I see America, a land of opportunit­y, or it used to be. The freedom of opportunit­y has been co-opted by GOP policies at the behest of corporate America. The wealth has been traveling from the bottom to the top for too long, they have sucked us dry. The promise made as a justificat­ion for those policies was that the gifts to the rich would trickle down to all of us, no it hasn’t happened. Instead the rich have put a vacuum on the 99% and sucked them dry. It needs to stop.
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