I agree with the authoress, the tea party hasn’t anything in common with occupywall­street movement. The tea party gang blames the government for all the ills plaguing our society and are backed by rich yahoo’s like the Koch brothers. They have managed to get their movement into government­, see Cantor and Bachmann, which is a coup on their part because they have hijacked the government into listening and following their agenda. The occupywall­street is truly an organic movement, it spontaneou­sly erupted with young people out of work saddled with student loans and grew until now the unions across the board and others have joined. The key difference is that the main culprit is Wall Street, big banks and corporatio­ns. I think that they are speaking out against the socializat­ion of corporate debt(we have to bail them out) and the privatizat­ion of public institutio­ns(which makes us pay more to corporatio­ns). If you look at that scenario, the winner of both sides of the equation is the corporatio­n not us, we are the loser on both sides. The tea party by going after the government only and not holding corporate America accountabl­e keeps on accepting the losing side of the equation.
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