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Today we had such a nice time together walking around downtown Miami and we stumbled upon a French Bistro called La Bastille. We actually found it at the perfect time, it was time for brunch. We were seated immediately inside, the Bistro isn’t big and it had seating outside but I felt that it was too hot to seat out there and eat. The servers were all women and one of them had their daughter “working” as well, she had to be about five years old and she had a child size waiter’s apron and she had her own pad and pencil to write with, it was precious. The brunch menu was very appetizing, they had pain au chocolat, croissants and a French breakfast with cafe au lait, they also had eggs Benedict served on a croissant instead of the traditional english muffin, my hubby and the baby girl ordered eggs Benedict which the baby girl ordered hers with smoked salmon as an extra, I ordered the French breakfast because I was hankering for real French bread and preserves, it was delicious and brought me back to France. I am definitely hoping for an encore tomorrow morning.

We then spent the rest of the day going to stores to replenish the baby girl’s wardrobe, she was in need of some more tops. She brought us to a very nice shopping mall not far from the campus and I was very proud of her for making us walk, because I know first hand that walking isn’t her favorite thing and she was having us do something that she has gotten to accept as a good way to get in exercise. At one point we got back to her campus to drop off her things at her dorm room and we got to see a Maman duck with her flock of ducklings, they were adorable.

We said our good byes, I felt immediately sad, but I feel a million times better now, I have seen how comfortable she is in her new environment, she had a spontaneous smile on her face at all times and she burst out laughing so easily this weekend. She is doing great in her mind, at her school and all around. I can go home feeling relieved and happy.