Let’s see, how has the GOP done so far with solving the country’s problems? They all ran on a JOBS platform in 2010, once in office they have not done a single thing about creating jobs but they have done a bang up job in eliminatin­g them. As Bob has stated so well, government jobs have people attached to them. By downsizing the government job force they are contributi­ng to the unemployme­nt rolls and taking vital paychecks out of the economy weakening it even further. Moreover, by choosing to treat the country’s debt ceiling and budgets as economic weapons, they are contributi­ng to the further economic decline and also to the country’s deficit because all this economic brinksmans­hip costs the tax payers money. On a separate note, the GOP, by striking at different parts of the budget such as disaster relief or green technology programs and using those as pressure points to weaken President Obama’s plans to help the country is horrible because once you start digging, you find out that people like Cantor and McConnell are manipulati­ng serious issues for their own political benefit. Cantor behind the scenes calling FEMA to expedite monies to his district, meanwhile publicly holding out for spending cut off sets, McConnell yelling about Solyendra and deals made behind closed doors, yet he has called the D.O.E for expedited loans for his own pet projects such as ZAP, a company with its own financial problems.
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