No, there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t tell my best friend. The only thing that I would not share with my best friend would have to be either, so shameful or so illegal, that I wouldn’t want to make her an accomplice after the fact, or that she would never be able to look at me the same way. But I really can’t see that ever happening because that isn’t who I am.

In terms of clothing choices, hair choices, man choices, I would and have always been honest with my best friend because that is the whole point of being best friends, if you don’t say the truth or get the truth, than who else is going to be that for you?

The whole relationship between best friends is based on love, trust and honesty. Much like what defines a marriage except for the sexual dynamics and what goes along with that. It’s a relationship that allows for fearlessness and feelings of safety. This relationship is very important and can never be underestimated of its special place in probably every person’s life.