I would like the review be done as quickly as possible because the uncertaint­y is definitely troublesom­e. That being said, I support the Affordable Patient Act, it has done away with pre-existi­ng conditions and as a cancer survivor, that is huge for myself and millions like me. Also keeping my son on our insurance plan until he turns 26 is another tremendous benefit. I have to say that the insurance companies have really taken advantage of the delay in implementa­tion of the law because since the discussion has started in this country, premiums have gone up each year. Personally­, I would love to see the Supreme Court decide that to have people across the board buy into private health insurance is wrong but that medicare for everyone is fine and take the profits out of the equation. That would be a home run for us as a country. The only reason for the mandate is to get all of us on the insurance roster so that it decreases premiums, if it was medicare for all with no profits to account for, our long term deficits would be lessened greatly, a boon to us but not for the poor health care insurance industry, I forgot about them, oh well, them’s the breaks.
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