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My hubby and I watched the VMA show Sunday night because like most of the world, we love music and the show has always been entertaining, you never know what Lady Gaga is going to do or what Katy Perry is going to wear. The fashion police is out front and center because musicians take a lot more risks then your average movie star and it is very delightful to watch.

Now I do not consider myself a prude or a puritan, but I have to confess that I was getting uncomfortable with Miley Cyrus’s performance when she was grinding against Robin Thicke during their performance and also seeing what she was doing with that styrofoam finger went way over the top to the point of ickyness.

Maybe because my baby girl had watched Miley Cyrus be Hannah Montana for so long and seeing her be a little girl made me feel a little dirty after seeing her rub her little physique against a grown man because Miley may be twenty but she still looks like a very young teenager and it was just too much for my little eyes and little brain to take in, my hubby was half asleep so he was spared.

Now I know that I could have changed the channel but it was too much like a car wreck, I couldn’t look away. The craziest was that Lady Gaga’s performance was so very tame by comparison even her outfit with the mermaid sea shells and thong was not provocative when measured against Miley’s gyrating, twerking and tongue exposure.

I suppose that I am writing about it because poor Miley hasn’t left the news as of yet. I am worried that in her pursuit of ditching the image that she had as a result of portraying Hannah Montana, she is letting herself be defined by superficial notions of what passes as adult behavior. I remember that being twenty is a heady experience, you are still a brand new adult and still figuring out what that means, I just hope that someone on her team will be there to catch her when the nay sayers get to be too much to bear.

This was one event, she has talent and seems to be such a sweet girl, so I am sure that she will grow out of this phase and get back to celebrating her music with her lyrics and her abilities.