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Today my hubby needed to get his hernia repaired, it had been in need of repair for a few years but being an exceptionally busy man (a workaholic if we are being honest) my hubby let it go until it was starting to bother him enough that he kept the appointment that I had made for him. Our out-patient experience at the hospital was a very pleasant one, I can say this because I wasn’t the one being operated on, but my hubby can’t complain either because all the nurses took such good care of him. He was the star attraction on the floor, my hubby is very charming and affable, even more so when he is at the mercy of medical personnel.

His doctor Dr. Earle had operated on me in 2010 and my hubby was impressed with his work so that is why he picked him for this procedure. Dr. Earle and his team have a very relaxed, yet professional rapport. The nurses love to tease him as Dr. Earle loves to tease them and his patients, he told us a few jokes and I just burst out laughing. My hubby really appreciated that because he appreciates self-confidence in others, it puts you at ease when they are in charge of your well-being.



I still can’t get over that despite being cut open, hospitals are still comfortable sending you home the very same day. I know that for us it is infinitely cheaper, but still no matter how many times it happens to one of us or someone I know, it still amazes me. In France, they like to keep you for a few days and I am assuming that in other countries, they would keep you a tad longer as well. Here it sometimes feel like an assembly line operation, you come in on a conveyor belt and you get moved along the belt until you exit the line. Maybe that is why the nurses are so kind and nurturing, they want to make sure that when you leave, you are in the best shape possible. All that I can say is that my hubby’s nurses were exemplary and kind.

I’m so relieved that my hubby came through with flying colors.