I would choose France because I love it so over there. I would live in Bordeaux, close to my family and see if I could get a job teaching English to children, young adults and/or older adults. I have never spent time in France beyond the entire summer and I am curious to see if I would still be in as much love with the country once I lived through the dreary fall and winter season when the days are much shorter and everyone is at work and vacation is far away from everyone's mind. The everyday boring reality that I live with in the States being experienced in France would, I think, be the ultimate test to the true nature of my love affair with France. Do I truly love it for what it really is? Or is my love simply an infatuation because life is always greener somewhere else. I think that this would be a wonderful and fruitful experience to live through before I convince my hubby to retire there in the next twenty years.

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