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My hubby and I are watching the show Unique Sweets on the Cooking Channel. It’s a dangerous show to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, everything that they are describing is making my hubby salivate. All this show is doing for me, is calling my inner patissiere or baker to get out into the kitchen and make something like croissants or pain aux raisins or an apple galette. Trust me,when I say that I don’t have the skill set or the true talent to go into business making beautiful pastries for public consumption. My stuff tastes good, I might even go as far as very good at times, but I never get the aesthetic part right.

The show was highlighting breakfast pastries and there were three places that rated their mention. On the West Coast there was Knead Bakery, there was also Levain Bakery and there was a third called Sonoma Bakery. All three had original pastries. There was a breakfast apple pissette; essentially a thin crust apple pizza which looked mouth wateringly delicious. Another amazing breakfast pastry offering was the palme d’or which is a puff pastry shell filled with soft caramel sprinkled with sea salt topped with a vanilla pastry cream and sprinkled on top with a generous dusting of sugar that the pastry chef puts a blow torch to creating a hard carmel topping to the pastry. It was a masterpiece. The other pastry that was truly note worthy was a whole wheat dinner roll that once out of the oven was split open and stuffed with slivers of excellent European chocolate and closed back together. After purchasing, you saw the customers open their whole wheat rolls and see this luscious molten chocolate emerge, I have personal experience with this type of treat. When I was a child in France, my sister, my cousin and I at 4:00 p.m, would take 4 inch pieces of French baguettes and insert pieces of chocolate in the interior and eat them for a snack. French crusty baguettes make an excellent foil for good quality chocolate.

My love of baking is really the love and desire to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Whenever I make something by hand, it makes me so happy to see my family close their eyes, flair their nostrils and lick their lips in delight. It truly is all about the love. That would be the only reason for baking in a professional capacity, to spread the love and goodness that is all about patisserie.