If I got one do-over in life, no questions asked, what would I choose to do over?

As long as I still get to have my husband and my babies at some point or I can come back into my reality then I'll play this game of what if.

I would go back to my senior year in college and apply to two more law schools in my area such as Brooklyn Law school and St. Johns's Law school instead of just relying on Santa Clara's Law school out in California. Part of the reason why I didn't go to law school was that California is so far away from New York; I was so nervous that if I hated it, I would have been stuck alone and that scared me. I was also seriously burnt out by that point that I needed to be close to home. I was still recovering from acute anorexia and I needed family and structure. So a local law school would have been the ideal.

I probably would have been accepted and I would have gone directly to law school after my graduation from N.Y.U. Hopefully I would have done what I had wanted to do; specialize in environmental law and graduated with my degree, passed the bar exam on my first try and hopefully get hired by the United Nations as part of their environmental task forces or committees safeguarding not only our international waters; but also the Arctic Circle , the Antarctic Circle and the poor developing countries. Who knows, I might have been traveling the globe arguing for the poor who couldn't defend themselves from the rapacious corporations.

Would I have had the time to meet my husband? Probably not, so do I regret not being the globe trotting environmental crusader? No I don't because I love having my hubby and my babies and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

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