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Today is the first day of 2013 and it has been a restful one; a beautiful day of rest and relaxation. I had my lovely breakfast of two pieces of rye toast with fig preserves and 3 cups of coffee. I read all of my e-mails, I wrote my daily comment on the state of affairs going on during this fiscal cliff crisis; drives me nuts, and I answered the Plinky prompt. Like I said; a lovely late morning.

My hubby and I are spending time together as always though my hubby and the baby girl watched episode after episode of Doctor Who while I caught up with my episodes of General Hospital. Jack and I did our mile long walk twice already and he was fed his vittels, so he’s a happy camper.

I took a small amount of time to make stuffed mushrooms the way my mother-in-law or Nonnie as we called her, made them. They are the easiest to make; saute two onions and four cloves of garlic, both finely minced, in a mixture of olive oil and butter, add the mushroom stems finely chopped to the onion and garlic along with some dried oregano and thyme and saute until soft. I then add Italian seasoned breadcrumbs with some more butter to the onion, garlic, mushroom mixture until the mixture binds together and then I lightly season with salt and pepper. I stuff the mushroom caps and put them into a 350 oven for about twenty minutes and voila stuffed mushrooms.

Now I am sitting down writing about this beautiful day and the start of a new year. I am not even thinking beyond the next hour; that is how restful this day is.:)