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I was speaking with a dear friend of mine at the post office. We have known each others for years, our children grew up together and I have written about her talent for growing outrageous lavender bushes up here in Blandford. We actually call each other schmoopie, our crazy term of endearment for each other. Schmoopie is my go-to source for tips and advice when it comes to gardening. She was the one who announced to us, her faithful audience that day, that Blandford is a full month ahead in blooming time. That is throwing schmoopie off her plant gathering, which if I haven’t mentioned before, she is a gifted herbalist and homeopathic remedy maker. She also makes her own soaps, oils and creams on top of cultivating her own honey from her bees who have a smorgasbord of nectar in her gardens. An example is that she cut herself in the kitchen and was bleeding profusely, she sent her son to gather Yarrow leaves, he put the yarrow leaves on her cut and covered with gauze, presto, the bleeding was staunched.

Her pronouncement led me to grab the cell phone and snap away at all the plants that shouldn’t be blooming right now,they should be waiting until August. I am selfishly happy that I got to see them, take pictures of them and write about them because the 16th is quickly coming up and I will be in France admiring other gardens and not my own. We aren’t suffering from the heat like the rest of the country but it is still enough to make the cone flowers and the upright phlox say hello at tad to early. What is next, blooming chrysanthemums in July? I am writing this from Boston, just watch when I get back home on Friday, one of my chrysanthemums will be blooming, they certainly are big enough right now. I’ll have to wait and see.