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We were watching the Sci channel because it being Sunday early evening during early summer, everyone in L.A. is on vacation and thus nothing entertaining, we are reduced to either reality t.v or educational shows, since we have already seen every movie being shown nowadays. My hubby prefers educational, as do I, so we were watching how a Winnebago is assembled, which, believe it or not, was really interesting. A Winnebago, when disassembled, is basically an empty box with different block components put together like a three dimensional puzzle. They showed the construction from literally the bottom up, the base which was made of three layers for strength, durability and insulation. The base was then covered in wall to wall carpeting that had pre-cut cut-outs for the other components, the chairs and driving pedals. The kitchen cabinets were pre assembled as one unit and screwed into place, the kitchen sink and plumbing materials were installed, the family seating and storage units were then installed, followed by the bathroom. At that point, the Winnebago is rolling down an assembly line having been at all these different assembly and installation points, we were right now stopped at the electrical wiring station, the next stop is bathroom plumbing. The whole operation was smooth and had a nice flow to it, the professionalism was a nice thing to see, everyone was ready with the correct tools, the correct parts, no one was left waiting or being hung up. Made in America and you could see the pride in their work. This Winnebago was a luxury version, not a little sardine can, but a spacious home on wheels. This program had me reminiscing about my Barbie Camper from my childhood. My favorite part of the camper was how the pieces came together and folded away, making the camper seem sleek but with a few adjustments and voila you had a picnic table with an awning, an outdoor shower for your Barbie and her friends, I think that there was even a grill for barbecue. So this program bought me back to a small nostalgic moment of a little girl dreaming up adventures with her Barbie and her camper. Having a luxury Winnebago can definitely take you to a lot of adventures, you just need a full tank and a map.
I wrote this last weekend I think, for some reason I couldn’t publish from my IPad .
Update 7/13/12- I just got back from Boston, tired and panicking over packing so forgive me for this but I promise you that the Winnebago episode was truly interesting.