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These are my daisies, I’m always happy to see them. They are so cheerful and in my mind they convey hope and innocence. Their beauty and freshness sadly is fleeting.

Yarrow which is a perennial herb used for medicinal purposes

My first emerging bloom from my bougainvillea, I haven’t seen that in three years, hooray!

another look at yarrow, it spreads which I don’t mind because even when it doesn’t bloom the leaves are very delicate and pretty

my first and only hydrangea, I planted it last year and what is interesting about the hydrangea is if I wanted to change the color of the bloom all I need to do is change the acidity of the soil. I like the blue.

a look at my garden that I will miss while I’m away, my plants will be lonely, oh dear.

As I said in the last caption, one of the reasons why I am stressing a little bit about going away is over my plants. Theoretically since I haven’t planted anything within the last two weeks, every plant should be alright. The only two new plants that I got this year, I planted mid May and with all the rains that we received in June, they should be fine. I don’t care about the weeding, that will be for me to deal with when I get back. I am so happy that I got to see the bougainvillea bloom before I go, it hasn’t given me a bloom since that first year that my hubby purchased the tree. The Mandeville vine hasn’t shown any sign of blooming but who knows, maybe it is saving its blooms for when I get back. These two tropical plants are drought resistant so I don’t have to worry about them being watered. I’ll just miss the daily changes in the garden and the care and maintenance that I do for it, even though I must confess that since I have been writing everyday for two summers now, I am not as diligent in the garden as I used to be, I don’t do the heat as well as I used to either. That last spell of oppressive heat almost did me in, the plants weren’t too happy. I’ll have to make sure to visit the different public gardens in Paris to get my fix of summer flowers, flowering shrubs and variegated greenery. Going to France hasn’t become real yet, which is fine, it gives me a chance to concentrate on the things that I have to do this week. I would be useless if I let my excitement get the best of me, so I’m keeping it in the back of my mind for now but come Sunday of next week, I might be ready to burst with anticipation at our trip. I still can’t believe it.