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I was watching CBS This Morning and the movie critic, I forget his name, started with this to say about the newest Spider Man movie, “Do we really need another movie about Spider Man, his sad childhood and the radioactive spider bite?” He went on to say that he loved it, I basically tuned out because I don’t like to listen to reviews before seeing a movie, I like to be surprised. I did agree with his initial assessment though, did we really need another take on Spider Man? The movie critic was right, we loved it. My hubby and I have seen every single Spider Man movie and we really enjoyed this movie, Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and as Spider Man did a tremendous job, his pain over the loss of his parents at a young age is so very believable. You still get to feel how, despite  his sadness and anger at how unfair his loss is, he appreciates his uncle Ben and Aunt May for their love and support. You also get to see how strong his moral compass is from the good example of his family and simply who he is inside. Emma Stone, who plays Gwen, is a highly intelligent, sweet girl and they are great together. The visuals are incredible, Peter Parker’s awakening powers are a treat to watch, they are actually humorous. They don’t have a school for how to train your powers after a spider bite. I haven’t heard of the director before this movie but after Spider Man, I expect his name will be attached to many more action movies, Mark Webb. The last name is appropriate, don’t you think?