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Happy Independence Day to every one! I had a very nice one. My hubby and I had an absolutely lovely day of doing nothing in particular. That doesn’t mean that we did nothing, we did a few things but only when we felt like it. It was beautiful. My hubby felt the inclination for pancakes and so he made us pancakes. He makes very nice pancakes. I took care of Rex and Jack since they are our babies and there is no getting around that. The baby girl went off to the baby boy’s place to hang out with him for a little bit, he had work later on in the day.

My hubby and I were relaxing in the living room watching Tuesday night’s episode of Franklin and Bash when the baby girl brought over a friend of her’s plus her 10 month old baby girl. My hubby and I got to dust off our baby entertaining abilities for a few hours. Once you have babies, you don’t forget, you don’t forget how small their little toes are or how cute their little fingers are and how sweet they smell. My hubby and I alternated holding her and bouncing her up and down. I fed her and she returned the favor by spitting up on me, which you do forget to be prepared for after all these years. Navigating the sensibilities of the baby versus our over protective German Shepard Rex, who jumped right into baby sitting mode, and little Jack who thought that we got him a new sibling, wasn’t easy. Rex went up to the baby, licked her face with his sandpaper tongue so quickly, he caught everyone by surprise, especially the baby. She yelled at Rex for that one, we had a good laugh at her expense but she was a trooper because even though Rex must have seemed like a huge bear to her, when she got over her temper, she crawled over to Rex and she really liked Jack and his kisses. I have to admit that when she and her mom left, I was a little tired, It’s been a while since I’ve carried a baby for a few hours non stop and keeping the dogs in check without ruffling their feathers or the baby’s because you don’t want the baby to think that dogs are scary. I am definitely happy to be the mother of two children who are not in any rush to make me a grandmother. They are far too young and it would be full time grandmotherhood, no thank you. It was a lot of fun though holding the baby and getting smiles and laughter and hugging and giving her kisses. Did I mention the fact that my hubby and I, we love babies. All in good time, which for us would be in a decade or so.