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I need to take my brain out and dust off all the cobwebs, the program was the life and musical stylings of Louis Armstrong, not the woodwind quintet, that musical program is for June 2nd. The band leader gave us historical anecdotes and background, Louis Armstrong was a naughty young man and he didn’t change his ways as he got older; I think that he was married at least 4 times with a few girlfriends on the side. He was born in 1901 August 4th, in New Orleans to a poverty stricken family. His grandparents had been slaves, his father had never acknowledged the family and his mother did the best that she could. Louis was fortunate that he had a few mentors in his life, who saw the musical spark of genius flowing through his soul. If not for those men, he would probably have gotten into trouble. The combination of stories and musical compositions performed by the Dixie Stomp band was excellent. I’m really glad that I went, we had a small turnout which was fine, it lent to the intimacy of the evening.

I was however exhausted and the music was acting as a lullaby, the cushions were so inviting, I wanted to lay down and drift off to sleep but I didn’t thank goodness, that would have been mortifying.The cookies were a hit because the White Church was cold, the sugar fueled our interior furnaces, and in hindsight that was good because it probably prevented me from drifting off to sleep. I am notorious for doing that at the most inopportune times.