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Last night was Friday night dinner and movie night. We were down one because the baby boy is now employed, so my hubby was left with his two ladies. We decided to try a different restaurant so we went to Carrabas, Italian Grill. My daughter felt like trying the crab cakes, so we shared the crab cake appetizer, they were wonderful, a hint of spice with a flavorful red pepper coulis. So we were happy with the entree and then the salads came, I devoured mine. I know that it was just a salad but it tasted so good, I should also mention that I was starving at the time. Our main courses arrived, the baby girl was stuffed by this time so we took her manicotti home, she took a few bites and said that it was good but she couldn’t eat another bite. Her manicotti made for a great lunch today, what is there not to like, tubes of pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese and baked in tomato sauce. I, on the other hand, was disappointed with my main course, Margherita pizza, the pie crust was tasty but they used sliced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce, it really didn’t do justice for the pizza, the overall flavor was slightly bitter and that was all from the tomato. Anyway, next time we’ll go back to the old faithful, Olive Garden, we tried though to expand our horizons and now we know.

On to the movie, I was little when the remake of Dark Shadows was on t.v. I vaguely remember Ben Cross as Barnabas Collins and all I knew of the show was that he was a very sad and tragic vampire. The collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp delivers a Dark Shadows that glories in the campiness of the seventies and the prime time soapiness of the medium. Back during its run, Dark Shadows was known as the prime time soap opera. We all enjoyed the movie immensely for several reasons, the directing was fantastic, Tim Burton has a particular signature especially with the visual details, the over the top acting and the bitten back hidden laughter present in every single scene. You felt that every single actor had the best time filming the movie. It was palpable through the movie screen, especially in Johnny Depp’s performance. I shouldn’t forget Eva Greene, she played the malevolent witch and loved every minute of it. Michelle Pfeiffer, was brilliant as the present day family matriarch, she is one of my favorite actresses. I love film.