I was initially buying into the whole “New York voters used this special election to show displeasur­e with the President’­s performanc­e on the economy” spiel. However, when I saw the two issues that are hot button issues such as Israel and gay marriage and that Weprin in a predominan­tly Jewish/Ort­hodox district, had provocativ­e ideas concerning those issues so much so that former Mayor Koch endorses a republican over it (Israel), I knew immediatly that there was more than the economy at stake here. It still is an unfortunat­e win for the GOP. This is so depressing­, we can’t have more of these wrong headed deficit oriented policies now. The GOP is cutting us off at the knees, my husband and I are in constructi­on, we want to do our share and spend money to help the economy. We want to build new stores and new buildings but no one is spending so the companies are not expanding or hiring so we can’t build. Tax cuts and no regulation­s, even if that is the case, if no one is spending money, who cares? I have nothing to tax so they won’t do me any good. A 2 million dollar project would hire us some very good people who would get health care insurance and I’d be happy to do it and happy to pay taxes because at least we would be working. Not paying any taxes means no work and we can’t tread water for much longer.
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