What is so difficult to comprehend is that there are many voters who are willing to accept the GOP philosophy that it is okay for corporatio­ns and C.E.O’s to make millions upon millions while workers are forced to take pay cuts, diminished benefits if any at all and work longer hours and/or more jobs to get by. Why has Henry Ford’s philosophy been thrown out the window? He didn’t pay his workers out of a sense of altruism, he did it our of common sense, he needed a greater market of people who could afford his product. Professor Reich keeps writing the same thing, week after week, that squeezing the huge middle class is not going to get the economy going, what is so hard to understand here? Value, money and perception are all in the intertwine­d. When are we going to wake up and realize that we have the power to change the rules, we have the power to change supply and demand. This direction that the GOP is railroadin­g us in, is not the answer. There has to be something better, it is up to us to find it.
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