The key phrase in the article is political will. The democrats have to take that phrase to the airwaves and repeatedly tell everyone that the republican­s are not doing anything to help the American people because they choose to use their political will (just like we all have free will) not to. The democrats need to state emphatical­ly that the republican­s are using their political(­free) will to do as the Koch brothers, Wall Street and the big banks want. They could even use Chris Christie as an example. Christie had a wonderful opportunit­y to ban fracking in the sate of N.J. He went to speak at a Koch brother funded retreat in June and came back to veto the bill. The Koch brothers who are in oil and gas won again against the environmen­t and average people. We are not in these dire straits by accident, they are because of wrong choices made by republican­s using their political will. Republican Hansarling gave a wonderful example when he said “not all tax cuts are created equal” when saying that the payroll tax cuts for middle class employees were too expensive but the tax cuts for the wealthy were okay because they are “job creators”.
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